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Craig Dylke is a primary teacher currently working in Hong Kong, but originally is from Alberta, Canada. This was a lucky place to grew up, being just a couple hours away from some of the richest dinosaur fossil fields in the world and (in his opinion) the great museum in the world.

Craig has spent the majority of his life obsessed with deep time, since his childhood pretending to be in prehistory, to taking as many palaeontology classes as possible during university, to spending four years working at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, and two year volunteering at the University of Otago's Geology department.

Craig's palaeontologic reconstructions are created digitally using the 3D software Carrara. In some pieces the creatures are composited into the artist's own photographs, and in others whole environments were created within the computer. Craig can be commissioned to do reconstructions.

Contact him at As Craig is passionate about science eduaction and outreach, he is willing to do volunteer artistic work for non-profit scientific or educational purposes such as scientific papers. Send him your project's proposal if you are interested in gratis artwork. Craig also offers very competitive and reasonable fees for usage of his existing works and models (as all his art is easily modifiable for new pieces)

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